December 2004

12/31/04 Tribeca Rock Club. New York, NY New Year's Eve w/Rob Barraco (former ZT, The Dead, Phil & Friends)-piano, vocals *w/Father Time (Gypsy Bob) doing a rap
Set 1 Eilat, Loose Lucy, All Night Long Blues, Cats Under The Stars, Leave Me Out Of This, Warm Heart> Jam> Eyes Of The World> Across The Universe> Jam> Done Is Done Set 2 Jam (Countdown)*> All You Need Is Love (Midnight)> Viola Lee Blues, Arise, Lay Your Love> Jam> New Potato Caboose> Folsom Prison Blues, Last Ten Years> Jam> The Squid> Light of Life> Morning Dew, Set 3 Love And Only Love, To Lay Me Down, Hoodoo, Mountains Of The Moon> Eleanor Rigby> Fat Angel> Shakedown Street> Say That I Am E: Sugar Magnolia> Rainy Day Women #12 & 35> Sunshine Daydream
12/17/04 Whiskey Bar. Hoboken, NJ *w/Wendy Lanter (Hope in Time)-harmony vocal
Set 1 W.S. Walcott Medicine Show> Shine Your Light*, Leave Me Out of This, Ramble On Rose, I Want You (She's So Heavy)> Light of Life> Last Ten Yers> Jam> Mason's Children> Jam> Stella Blue> Arise Set 2 Estimated Prophet, Sleepwalking*> Tomorrow Never Knows> Sleepwalking (reprise)*, Evangeline*, Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!, All Night Long Blues> Alligator> Doin' That Rag> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider
12/10/04 La Cocina. Pittsfield, MA
Set 1 Lay Your Love> Jam> Cumberland Blues> Henry> Cumberland Blues (reprise), Hoodoo, Twilight, All Night Long Blues, Help on the Way/Slipknot!> I Want You (She's so Heavy)> Talk of the Town> Jam> Slipknot! (reprise)> Franklin's Tower Set 2 Watching the River Flow, Where You Want to Be, Scarlet Begonias> Light of Life> Morning Dew E: Christmas Must Be Tonight> Samson and Delilah
12/9/04 Acoustic Cafe. Bridgeport, CT Acoustic Show
Set 1 All Night Long Blues, Ripple, Down the Road, Abandoned Love, Dark Hollow, Pretty Boy Floyd, Watching the River Flow, Across the Universe> Jam> New Potato Caboose>The Maker> Jam> Done is Done Set 2 Bird Song> Last Ten Years> Bird Song (reprise), Christmas Must be Tonight, Here Comes Sunshine, A Prisoner Says His Piece, Moonlight Mile, You Angel You, Truckin'> Jam> Love and Only Love> Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad E: Light of Life
12/4/04 Purple Haze. Rockville Centre, NY *w/Wendy Lanter (Hope in Time)-harmony vocal
Set 1 Down the Road, Last Ten Years, No One Said It'd Be Easy> Shine Your Light, Loose Lucy, Sitting in Limbo*, Cassidy*, Travelin' Light> Jam> Shakedown Street Set 2 The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, A Prisoner Says His Piece, Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, Feel Like a Stranger, All Night Long Blues, Uncle John's Band> Goin' Down Slow> Jam> Light of Life> Viola Lee Blues E: Uncle John's Band (reprise)> I Know You Rider
12/3/04 Main Pub. Manchester, CT. *1st ever performance
Set 1 Warm Heart> Jam> Body Parts, Ship of Fools, All Night Long Blues, Greatest Story Ever Told, Sleepwalking> Jam> Flying*> Sleepwalking (reprise), Terrapin Station> Jam> Done is Done Set 2 I Want You (She's So Heavy)> Playing in the Band> Lay Your Love> Jam> St. Stephen> Light of Life> Last Ten Years> Eyes of the World> Across the Universe> Jam> Playing in the Band (reprise) E: Folsom Prison Blues
12/02/04 B. B. King Blues Club. New York, NY Tribute to John Lennon *1st ever performance
Hey Bulldog, Dear Prudence, I'm Only Sleeping*, Rain> Jam> Jealous Guy, The Ballad of John and Yoko, The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill*, Across the Universe*, I Want You (She's So Heavy)> You Can't Do That, Instant Karma*, Tomorrow Never Knows> Jam> Revolution E: Imagine E2: All You Need is Love*