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Our contact info: The Zen Tricksters PO Box 220185 Great Neck, NY 11022-0185 Email us at or see the Photo Page to send an email to a particular Trickster. To join the Zen Poster Children, email Randi For the latest news, go to our Tricks & Treats Page To join our email list, go to Join For booking call Phil Simon of Simon Says Booking 978 544-5110 or Email A Trickster Lullaby by Ramy Clouds floating on by as we look around Dreams carry us into that mystical sky. Feel the breeze as it carries us along Doves circling overhead bringing us a new song. Twirling away until the stars fade away Feel your heart pound as we sail into the next day. Miracles abound as we feel our souls burn, Can't you feel the joy of a Trickster on tour? Diggin' the next show as we turn around, Old friends and new friends isn't that what life's all about? Waves splashin' the shoreline as we look up at that moon, A brand new crescent in the sky to show us what we still have to yearn. Making love brand new as the tunes carry us on, Can't you feel it? can't you hear it? It's the tricksters comin on strong! oh yeah We'd like to pass along something said to us recently by one of our long-time fans and friends. "Take a moment to focus in on a subtle facet of Zen Trickster shows that is an essential part of the whole experience--the sense of family that envelops the show. Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hands, spontaneous conversations with some of your closest friends that you just met. It is such a unique atmosphere and it puts you in touch with that place that exists within us all that we can sometimes lose sight of. Not only does your body get rocked at a Trickster show, your soul gets soothed!" Thanks, GB, for that!


Thanks so much to our fans for making the Zen Poster Children thing happen! As the energy in a Trickster concert cycles between us all and enhances the experience tenfold, so have your postering efforts emphasized the feeling of unity we share with you all. We thank you so much! We still need more Poster Children, so if you're interested in becoming one, Email for details. Below, by month, are all the Poster Children who've worked with us thus far: December, 2006 thanks to Bill Arnold, Jason Mebane and Jim Signer! March, 2005 thanks to Jason Mebane, Leak, and Andrea Hodge! January/February, 2005 thanks to Jason Mebane, Dan Korpenfelt, Matt Carter, Skye Berns, Arlene Fallon & Jimbo and the clan! December, 2004 thanks to Leak! November, 2004 thanks to Loose Lucys! August, 2004 thanks to Andrew Miller! July, 2004 thanks to Maryjane Seely, Nicole Del Collo, Linda Henkel, Heather Mitchell, Austin Sheldon, & Stephanie Davis! June, 2004 thanks to Nicole Del Collo, Laura Reed, Kent Owen, and Joe's buddies! April, 2004 thanks to Tara Cunningham, Matt King, Greg Newton, and Linda Henkel! March, 2004 thanks to Roman Young! February, 2004 thanks to Harris Roberts, Lauren Rudolf, Marie-Claire Cazorla and Way! January, 2004 thanks to Alan Slay, and all our buds at Loose Lucys! December, 2003 thanks to Dana Ptucha and Leak Henkel! November, 2003 thanks to Dana Ptucha and Ellen Banjamin! October, 2003 thanks to Emily Prytherch! September, 2003 thanks to David Green, Jen & Don and all the great folks at Loose Lucy's! July, 2003 thanks to MaryJane Seely and Roman C. Young! June, 2003 thanks to the whole Loose Lucy's Gang and special thanks to beautiful Bascia!! May, 2003 thanks to Jon Rohman, Alan Slay, Maryjane Seely, and to all the Loose Lucy's and our great buds down south!! April, 2003 thanks to Don Mucelli. March, 2003 thanks to Chris Mandler and Dancing Bear. February, 2003 thanks to Chris Mandler at Dancing Bear, Matt & Andrew King, Jake Pelham, Christine Ashworth and Crazy Otto, and Melanie and Jim!! January, 2003 thanks to the Loose Lucy's gang, Missy, Mike, Sue, Don, & Jen, and Lisa Jennings! NYE 2002, as always, thanks to Jimbo and the Clan in Eugene, OR!!! December, 2002 thanks to Pat Fallon and Dana Ptucha! November, 2002 thanks to Don Mucilli! October, 2002 thanks to Jon Rohman! September, 2002 thanks to Matt King and Pete Yagaloff! August, 2002 thanks to Emily Prytherch, Beany, Mark and Caution Jam, and the Whole Loose Lucys Gang!! June, 2002 thanks to Rita Adamski and Jimbo and the Clan! May, 2002 thanks to Jesse Kates and Matt King. April, 2002 thanks to Marc Smith, Emily Prytherch, Chris Russo, Don & Jenn, Mike & Susan, Loose Lucy's, Jenn Prentice, Stephen Edwards, and Christine Ashworth!! And a special thank you to all our new "family" in Japan who helped promo our shows! Arigato! March, 2002 thanks to Jen Prentice, Dana, Bon & Missy!! February, 2002 thanks to Rowan Mintz, Cat Armstrong Soule, Steve, Nora, and Ethan, Jimbo and the Clan, Kevin & Jenna Keehn, John Tribolet, Carolina Stock, Mike & Janet Egan, Tony Masterson, Donna Lee, Russell Sentie, and Scott Fraser. January, 2002 thanks to Nadina Simon (again!), Pat Fallon, Jeremy Densmore, Andrew Malone, Keith Constable and Bryan Asplin! December thanks to Greg Newton and Jed Metzger. November thanks to Mike & Janet Egan, Rita Adamski, Kevin & Jenna Keehan, Russell Sentie, Christina Ashworth, and special thanks and much love to Jimbo and the Clan!! October thanks to Chris Russo and Rowan Mintz. September thanks to: Keith Constable, Pat Fallon, Dave Rollin, Christine Ashworth, Jen Prentice, Don Bailey, Greg Newton, Jed Metzger, and Mike Antinore!! August thanks to: Nadine (Beany), and Michael Williams. July thanks to: Steve Bleiler, Rees Logue, Rita Adamski, John Tribolet, Dan Sherwood, Nora, Steve & Ethan, Jimbo, and Cat Armstrong Soule. June thanks to: Jen Prentice, Beany, Christine Ashworth, and Dave Samson. May thanks to: Jen Prentice (Zen Poster Angel!), Matt Albrecht, Michael Williams, Dan Helmstetter, and Christine Ashworth. April thanks to: Emily Prytherch, Marc Smith, Nadina Simon, Country Gravy, and Jen Prentice. March thanks to: Ethan Goldberger (star Poster Child!), Doug Johnson, Erin Nyquist, Greg Newton, Jed Metzger, Jessica Tivy, and Christine Ashford. February thanks to: Tony Masterson, Jeremy Grob, Ethan Goldberger, Carolina Stock, Michelle Plants, Rees Logue, Kelsey Staranko, Steve Bleiler, Jonathan Marks, Dan Sherwood, and special thanks to Mel and Jim and to Steve, Nora, and Ethan. January thanks to: Dana Hibberd, Emily Prytherch, and Marc Smith. We'd also like to take this opportunity to bestow a huge thank-you on our first Zen Poster Children, Ethan Goldberger, Donald Bailey, Dave Rollin, and Nadina Simon. You guys got the whole thing going and we appreciate it! We need Poster Children in Colorado, Louisiana, Long Island, California, Massachusetts, upper New England, and all over the USA, so get in touch if you'd like to help by emailing The Zens. Basically, what it means is that we will contact you when we are going to do a show in your area, and in return for some postering, you and two friends get into the show for free! If you need any travel info, ie., airline tickets, etc., call Robin Brown at 732-303-0073. Back to Schedule