July 2004

7/31/04 ZENFest. Elkins, WV
Arise, Last Ten Years> Jam> Light of Life> Rain> Jam> Shine Your Light, Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat, Sleepwalking> Terrapin Station> That's It for the Other One> New Potato Caboose> Sleepwalking (reprise)
7/30/04 Cary Street Cafe. Richmond, VA
Set 1 Sleepwalking> The Wheel> Sleepwalking (reprise), Down the Road, Black Throated Wind, Tennessee Plates, A Prisoner Says His Piece, St. Stephen> Not Fade Away> St. Stephen (reprise)> Eilat, Sing Me Back Home, Unbroken Chain Set 2 Mississippi Half Step, Hoodoo, Althea, No One Said Itíd Be Easy, Good Shepherd, Masonís Children> Jam> Juice for Jonas> Lay Your Love> Jam> Black Peter> Promised Land E: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
7/25/04 Pacific Lounge. Virginia Beach, VA
Set 1 Ring of Fire> Jack-a-Roe, Promised Land, Drownin', Foolish Heart, Sleepwalking, Lay Your Love> Jam> Juice for Jonas> New Potato Caboose> Franklin's Tower Set 2 Help On the Way/Slipknot!> Light of Life> Slipknot (reprise)> Eilat, Lazy River Road, Tweeter and the Monkey Man, Travelin' Light> Jam> Crossroads> Dark Star> The Eleven> Leave Me Out of This E: Box of Rain
7/24/04 Outer Banks Brew Co. Kill Devil Hills, NC
Set 1 Last Ten Years, Dupree's Diamond Blues, All Night Long Blues, Easy Wind, Not Quite Enough, Light Up Or Leave Me Alone> Jam> One More Cup of Coffee, Shakedown Street, Done is Done Set 2 Rain> Jam> The Wheel> Greatest Story Ever Told, Down the Road, Light of Life> A Prisoner Says His Piece, Patience, Feel Like a Stranger> Sugar Magnolia
7/23/04 Smilefest. Van Hoy Campgrounds, Union Grove, NC
Arise> Eilat, Unbroken Chain> Warm Heart> Jam> Shine Your Light> Morning Dew
7/21/04 The Conduit. Trenton, NJ
Set 1 Lay Your Love> Jam> Iko-Iko, Warm Heart> Jam> Not Quite Enough> Jam> Dear Prudence, Talk of the Town> Jam> Mason's Children> Stella Blue> Silvio Set 2 Easy Wind, High Horse, Eyes of the World> Unbroken Chain> Mission in the Rain
7/18/04 Tupelo Honey. Sea Cliff, NY Multiple Musicians Against Multiple Myeloma Benefit w/Dave Diamond (Pozzy Ghuru, former ZT)-drums Jason Bergman (Jason & Grayson)-fiddle *w/Steve Finkelstein (Funk Filharmonic)-percussion ^w/Dave Berg (Lost Marbles, Circus Mind)-guitar
W. S. Walcott Medicine Show, Sleepwalking*, The Ballad of John and Yoko*^, The Music Never Stopped* Please give to International Myeloma Foundation
7/16/04 Gathering of the Vibes. Mariaville, NY *w/ Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead)- piano **w/ Rob Eaton (Dark Star Orchestra)- guitar
Arise> Cumberland Blues*, Last Ten Years> Jam> Light of Life> A Prisoner Says His Piece, Rain> Jam**> Visions of Johanna**, You Can't Do That, That's It For The Other One*> Tangled Up in Blue* E: Down the Road> Eilat (This set will be available for purchase after the Vibes at Emusic.com)
7/9/04 Tribeca Rock Club. New York, NY *w/Wendy Lanter (Hope In Time)-vocal
Set 1 Cats Under the Stars, Rain> Jam> Shine Your Light, Last Ten Years> Jam> She Belongs to Me, Leave Me Out of This, That's it For the Other One> New Potato Caboose> Arise Set 2 Warm Heart Jam (For You)> Warm Heart> Eleanor Rigby> Cosmic Charley, Light of Life> Cassidy*, Tweeter & the Monkey Man, It Must Have Been the Roses, Call of the Wild> Jam> Terrapin Station, A Prisoner Says His Piece E: Help On the Way/Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower
7/8/04 The Acoustic Cafe. Bridgeport, CT Acoustic show
Set 1 Sleepwalking, Dark Hollow, Tennessee Plates, A Prisoner Says His Piece, Lazy River Road, All Night Long Blues, Crazy Cowboy Dream, Mason's Children> Jam> The Idea> Box of Rain Set 2 Hand Me Down My Walking Cane, On the Road Again, Twilight, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Down the Road, Black Throated Wind, Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!, Bird Song> That's Alright Mama E: Deep Elem Blues> Ripple
7/7/04 Stephen Talkhouse. Amagansett, NY *w/Mamalee Lawlor (Mamalee and Friends)-vocal
Set 1 Eilat, Man Smart, Down the Road, Cats Under the Stars, Say That I Am, I'll Be With Thee*, Warm Heart> Jam> Uncle John's Band> Shakedown Street Set 2 A Prisoner Says His Piece, Dupree's Diamond Blues, The Squid> Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat, Call of the Wild> Jam> Sugar Magnolia
7/4/04 Freedom Fest Church of Universal Love and Music. Acme, PA
Set 1 Arise, Cleaning Windows, Unbroken Chain, Last Ten Years> Jam> St. Stephen> Rain> Jam> Light of Life> Cumberland Blues Set 2 A Prisoner Says His Piece, Dear Prudence, Big River, Eyes of the World> Eilat
7/3/04 Come Together Music Festival Canada Day Weekend. Brantford, ON *w/Mark Crissinger (Caution Jam)-vocal
Sleepwalking> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider, All Night Long Blues, Shine Your Light, Cats Under the Stars, Last Ten Years> Jam> Light of Life> Sleepwalking (reprise)> The Other One> Morning Dew> One More Saturday Night* E: The Golden Road
7/2/04 Wilbert's. Cleveland, OH *w/David Gans-guitar
Set 1 Arise, You Can't Do That, Scarlet Begonias*> Good Shepherd, Not Quite Enough, Dark Star> Light of Life> Leave Me Out of This Set 2 Tweeter and the Monkey Man> Drownin', Unbroken Chain, Iko Iko, No One Said It'd Be Easy, Foolish Heart> New Potato Caboose> I Know You Rider The ZTs joined David Gans during his set for The Return of the Grievous Angel> Black Peter> Yellow Submarine> Bertha
7/1/04 Peach's Grill. Yellow Springs, OH
Set 1 Eilat, Sugaree, All Night Long Blues, Cats Under the Stars, Hazel, A Prisoner Says His Piece, Jack Straw> The Eleven> Done is Done Set 2 Travelin' Light> Jam> Down the Road, Black Throated Wind> Jack-a-Roe, Rain> Jam> Shine Your Light, Lay Your Love> Jam> St. Stephen> Tangled Up in Blue