June 2009

6/20/09 The Bottling Co., Hattiesburg, MS Donna Jean Godchaux Band
Set 1 Sugaree, Bertha, Arise, Ship of Fools, Me and Kettle Joe> Jam> Eyes of the World> Darkness Darkness> Tore Up Over You Set 2 You Ain't Woman Enough, Candyman, Don't Fight It, Catfish John, Shakedown Street
6/19/09 Zydeco. Birmingham, AL Donna Jean Godchaux Band
Set 1 The Way You Do the Things You Do> Franklin's Tower, Don't Ask Me Why, Big Railroad Blues, All I Gotta Say, Darkness, Darkness, Scarlet Begonias> Fire on the Mountain Set 2 Might As Well, They Love Each Other, Green River, No Better Way, To Love Somebody> Crazy Fingers> St. Stephen> New Speedway Boogie