November 2006

11/22/06 Acoustic Cafe. Bridgeport, CT Acoustic Show *1st ever performance
Set 1 Run for the Roses, Moments Away, Down the Road, Peggy-O, Louisiana Lady, New Potato Caboose, Hand Me Down My Walking Cane, Can't Find My Way Home, Talk of the Town> Jam> Mountains of the Moon> Light of Life Set 2 So Hard, Truck Drivin' Man, Russian Lullaby, Blinding Light, Box of Rain, Attics of My Life, Good Shepherd, On the Road Again, Don't Think Twice It's All Right, The Wheel> Ring of Fire E: Alabama Jubilee*
11/17/06 River Street Jazz Cafe. Plains, PA
Set 1 Hoodoo, Rubin and Cherise, Moments Away, Body Parts, Bird Song> Last Ten Years> Jam> Weather Report Suite> Lay Your Love> Jam> Stella Blue> Tangled Up in Blue Set 2 So Hard> Reno> The Music Never Stopped, Doin' That Rag> Where You Want to Be> Warm Heart> Jam> Light of Life> China Cat Sunflower> I Know You Rider E: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
11/14/06 Zydeco. Birmingham, AL Kettle Joe's Psychedelic Swamp Revue *w/David MacKay (Heart of Gold Band, Fiddleworms)-bass
Me and Kettle Joe, Moments Away, All I Gotta Say, No One Said It'd Be Easy, Estimated Prophet>Tomorrow is Forever, Goin' to Florence*> No Better Way*, Little Red Haired Girl, Travelin' Light> Jam> Isn't It a Pity, Lay Your Love> Jam> Shelter
11/13/06 Smith's Olde Bar. Atlanta, GA Kettle Joe's Psychedelic Swamp Revue
Hoodoo> Arise, American Beauty, Cocytus/Lost Souls, River Deep Mountain High> Help on the Way/Slipknot!> I Want to Tell You> Jam> Shelter, So Hard, Moments Away, Goin' to Florence, Ladybug, Sing Me Back Home
11/12/06 Charleston Pour House. Charleston, SC Kettle Joe's Psychedelic Swamp Revue
Set 1 No Better Way, All I Gotta Say, River Deep Mountain High, Candyman, All Night Long Blues, So Hard, American Beauty, France> Jam> Shelter, Comin' Back to You Set 2 Moments Away, Travelin' Light> Jam> Tomorrow is Forever, Me and Kettle Joe, Let Me Sing Your Blues Away, Ladybug, The Idea> Cocytus/Lost Souls> Reno E: I'll be with Thee
11/11/06 Pour House Music Hall. Raleigh, NC Kettle Joe's Psychedelic Swamp Revue
I Want to Tell You> Jam> Cocytus/Lost Souls, River Deep Mountain High, Shine Your Light, Goin' to Florence, When You Start to Move> Bertha, Lay Your Love> Jam> Shelter, Reno, Moments Away, So Hard> Cosmic Charley, Golden Road E: I'll Be with Thee
11/10/06 Jewish Mother. Virginia Beach, VA Kettle Joe's Psychedelic Swamp Revue
Goin' to Florence, Moments Away, Let Me Sing Your Blues Away, American Beauty, Ladybug, Arise, Me and Kettle Joe> Mississippi Half Step, Shelter, Golden Road, Travelin' Light> Jam> So Hard, France> Jam> Cocytus/Lost Souls, Jack Straw> Reno